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Pontoons and Marinas

We provide full turnkey marina construction projects. With four unique marina construction systems to choose from, we have the capacity and capabilities to deliver your 1 berth to 1,000 berth marina project on time and on budget.
Our extensive experience of the region’s demanding conditions assures our customers get the best possible service and products available for any berthing requirements. We use our whole international network of marina construction professionals to assure you always get the best possible and most economical solution for your marina requirement.

Super Elite

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Super Elite pontoons are five sided heavy concrete pontoons. Super Elite pontoons are available as various sizes to suit any requirement. The Super Elite pontoons are manufactured typically as mooring pontoons, mooring fingers and wave attenuator pontoons. The bottom of the pontoon is protected against marine growth with flexible coating.


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Elite Marina system is a practical and cost effective solution. The pontoons consist of a durable custom fabricated aluminum frame, reinforced concrete slab and PE wrapped EPS filled floatation. Elite is ideal product for sheltered marina locations and is produced as mooring pontoons and finger pontoons.


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Capri is a highly advanced aluminum pontoon system with adequate stability for sheltered locations. Walkway pontoons and fingers are available on any required sizes. Capri fingers can also be connected to Super Elite and Elite concrete systems.


Versatile, tough and fantastic value for money the UMD system is the flexible marina system that can go places others can’t. The Ultimate Modular Dock (UMD) uses tough polyethylene modules that are all 400mm deep and come in a range of sizes. These varied UMD modules are up to 3m in length to provide a robust large module deck that is flexible, non-slip, UV resistant and does not deteriorate in a marine environment. The modules can withstand heavy conditions and tough treatment, making them ideal for public use applications where accessories such as hand rails and child safety ladders may be required. Each module is held together with a rubber dog bone system every 500mm.