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Pump pontoons

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Floating pump pontoons for tailings dams, dewatering pits or flood relief; sludge pontoons, sewerage pontoons, irrigation pontoons for agricultural dams and associated floating access gangways are some of the needs for which Superior can provide solutions.

Pipe floats

marina, performance, Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, industrial, Pontoon, pipe float
SUPERIOR has released an improved design range of hose and pipe floats, suitable for all marine applications including dredging, mining, water treatment and aquaculture.

These high impact roto moulded polyethylene pipe floats now come with the option of a quick release strap, eliminating the time consuming process of bolting the floats together. This is ideal for short to medium term projects. Other design improvements include moulded locating pins for ease of installation and a convenient moulded hole in each end for improved storage and security options.

Also new to the range is the option of glass reinforced polyethylene bolts and nuts. Light weight yet remarkably strong, they offer a corrosion free and economical alternative to galvanised or stainless fittings.

Internal diameters range from 10mm up to 630mm and are suitable for cable, hose and pipe. The floats can be foam filled upon request, and an extensive colour range is available, along with the option of passive radar and light reflective stripes.


Industrial gangways and safety railings
Our custom aluminium fabrication includes gangways, platforms, bridges, walkways and much more. All our work can be built to any standards including Mine specifications & commercial standards.

Safety handrails

Superior’s unique handrail system can be added to any of our UMD module range, pump pontoons plus more and create a safe passage way over water to your required destination. The handrail systems can be made in a variety of sizes and styles to suit just about any application and can be retro fitted with kick plates and cable trays.


Industrial - UMD-2
The ULTIMATE MODULAR DOCKS are quite simply the ultimate alternative in providing all kinds of marine floatation solutions. These Australian built systems are installed throughout South Eastern Pacific and the UAE and well proven in the most aggressive conditions.

Accessories and Attachments
A full range of accessories exist for the system to allow for the many uses outlined above.
• Dogbone connectors, small and large or half sizes.
• Fender system with small cleats.
• Large socket cleats.
• Outboard motor brackets.
• Pile brackets.
• Seabed Anchors.
• Ladders.
• Mooring Fenders (avail any colour)

Technical Specifications

Sizes :3m x 2m, 3m x 1.5m, 3m x 1m, 1.5m x 1.5m, 1.5m x 1m (Swim Front), 1m x .5,
Depth: 400mm
Colour: Standard is Grey but available in any colour
Material: UV Stabilised Polyethylene
Deck: Raised tile pattern, CSIRO Slip Resistance Certificate
Chemical resistance: Inert to most chemicals
Temperature Resistance: -10º C to +60º C air temperature
Resistance to degradation: Extremely High
Resistance to impact: Extremely High